Saturday, 15 March 2014

Flowers in Annecy Watercolour and Pastel

Flowers in Annecy 
Stage one Watercolours

I've often thought about painting the inside of a florists. All those lovely colourful flowers and exquisite shapes. We had a trip out to Annecy and seeing this super florists shop front, I did think it would make a fun and challenging painting project. I started  with a watercolour wash over the entire paper using lots of Primaries for the flower heads. Mixing the right shades for the Aluminum pots was difficult.I found Indigo mixed with hints of Ultramarine and Indian Red worked pretty well. I used clingfilm on some of the leaves to get some interesting texture, this did work well with the Primroses in the front.
While painting I was aware of complimentary colours so placed the Blue pot next to the Orange Lilies, the Daffodils near the mauve Frescias and lots of Red tulips and juicy green leaves.

After finishing the watercolour wash I felt that the painting didn't quite shout the tune I wanted.
A few days later out came the Inscribe Pastels, these bright hard pastels are ideal for giving splashes of colour but I knew this was a route of non return. Painting in the Late afternoon Spring sunshine imagining pots of Tulips and Lilies, a china cup and basket of Daffodils and Primroses sitting under the wooden palette was such fun. I do hope you like it, it's certainly a different subject to a snowy mountain scene

Flowers in Annecy
Watercolour and Pastel

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