Monday, 20 January 2014

Painting on the slopes

Ponies in the mist below Criou

I thought I'd just share a few favourite photo's from this week in Samoens. The snow has fallen at last and even more is due. We've hit the slopes, I'm practising the Bull fighter approach. You may wonder what the devil this is, well I have a problem facing my shoulders down the slopes, and need to imagine something positive, so this week it's been the Bullfighter!! Number one art critic has his work cut out trying to teach me to ski with some Panache! The problem is I'm often gazing at the scenery whizzing by thinking 'ah that would make a great painting', or 'what colour is that!

Swirling mist after a snowfall.

Taking the cable car through the snow laden trees.

Instructors in Red

An afternoon storm whipping up 

A little en plein sketching, obviously you need an helmet on to protect you from pens and paper!

I'm half way through a watercolour of a wintery scene, 
I'll share it with you over the next couple of days.

Fancy an online watercolour course with personal feedback

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