Wednesday, 22 January 2014

High on the Chariande Express

High on the Chariande Express

Painted in watercolours
For Sale

It's not just about skiing the slopes, I love to sit on the chairlifts with the peace of the mountains slowly passing by. Gaze at views that are perfect for an artists palette.
The view from the Samoens Chariande Express caught my attention, the snow heavy trees parted and a glimpse of Mountain spendour passed by.

I captured in watercolours using a very limited palette of colours.
Masking fluid and tape was used to protect the white paper and then the fun began.
I hope you like it.


Gloria Tolson said...

I love this painting, I feel as though I'm sat on a chairlift soaring the mountain tops, it looks very cold but fresh there. It's cold here in Knaresborough too but not half as pretty as where you are.


Lakeland art said...

Thank you Gloria I'm delighted you like my new painting it was great fun on the chairlift and to paint , look forward to seeing some Knaresborough scenes