Monday, 27 January 2014

How to paint snow

'After the snow'
An easy painting?

Using a limited palette of four colours or five if you would like to include white. 
But there is no white paint used, for those who don't paint, what you try and do is not paint the white paper.
Sounds easy! But artists do have this terrible urge to cover every scrap of paper with paint.

 I was replying to an online student today who was having problems painting clouds and suggested 'painting a sky in just four minutes with no dabbling!
'After the snow' sky should take only this, having the colours ready mixed and confidence in the water ratio will make all the difference.

It gives me a real thrill to get comments and wonderful paintings back from online students and I'm always amazed at how  students who have barely any watercolour experience create stunning paintings. It inspires me to get the paints out

This Winter scene is one of the projects in my Online Watercolour course
There are six projects in each course with personal feedback on each painting

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