Saturday, 8 June 2013

Col de la Ramaz

 Thirty five miles of endurance cycling from Samoens to the Col de Ramaz and back. 
We headed up the sunshine slopes from the small town of Tangines round tight hairpin bends full of wild flowers and sounds of Cowbells gently grazing.
We passed tiny hamlets with quaint Alpine buildings and through forests and gushing waterfalls.

The views promised Mont Blanc and it's massif, we also spied an emerald lake and I was sure 'The Dru'.
The cycling was superb with quiet roads and barely any traffic, listening to the sound of birdsong as I slowly turned the peddle and watching the buzzards hoover above.

A little problem of a heavy rain shower didn't deter, finding  shelter in the ski village of Praz de lys and a welcome break. I studied the map and thought it's not far now, so when the rain stopped, back on the bikes and a nice flat plateau to cycle.

We reached this viewpoint and I thought 'just round the corner now' But no, can you just make it out the long stretching road above trees, well that's near the top and where we are heading.

Up above the village of Praz de Lys ( I think this translates to meadows of lilies) 
In the very distance is the mighty Mont Blanc.
Slowly peddling the last kilometre what did I spy? it begins with M and is cute, shy  and furry 

Nearly there, the last pull up, and what a view behind, this is what it's all about

 The top of  Col de la Ramaz, what a fantastic cycle ride, with stunning scenery passing by.

And what goes up must go down, all the way to the bakery at the bottom for a well earned Strawberry delicious tart, Number One Art Critic couldn't wait for the camera 


Ida M. Glazier said...

What wonderful pictures!! Like taking the trip myself and I loved it. I have an 18 speed, and live where cyclist are always ridding--we have what is know as " the death ride" in July, over 5 passes that are 8 thousand ft, and near. Its south of Lake Tahoe. But me? My knees kill me and I have a hard time going a mile!! This is a beautiful pot, thanks. Lots of paintings here!

miha4sora said...

Lovely pictures! Now I want to go see this place :)