Saturday, 22 June 2013

Abondance Cattle and wild strawberries

Here are a few images that caught my eye on a walk around the Block. I did have the art gear with me at the time, but couldn't make my mind up on 'What to paint' and be it Pastels Watercolours or Oils. 
So I just enjoyed gazing and thinking. So here are a few thoughts on what could be future paintings.

A window sill in loose watercolours with Geraniums sitting brightly in pots and old walking Boots under the seat.

Abondance Cattle the makers of Reblochon Cheese, I have two ideas one a loose watercolour of just a Abondance Cow, maybe even adding a touch of pastel.
 Cows under the tree and far distant meadows below painted in Oils.

Couldn't resist this little chap maybe an Oil or watercolour

Another colourful watercolour study, this little wood pile is at the bottom of our road, if you look closely you will see all the wild strawberries growing amongst the wall flowers

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