Sunday, 23 June 2013

Abondance Cattle painted in Watercolours and Pastels


Painted in Watercolours and Pastels
Size 12.5 x 12 inches

Price £125 unframed

Really enjoyed splashing around with the watercolours using strong tones and keeping negative areas 
untouched with paint. Using the brush to guide me instead of a pencil mark and painting at a tremendous speed. 
Next came the pastel, when all was dry and just a small box of inscribe soft pastels 
Pinks, Lilacs, Ochres and Siennas.

You may wonder why Abigail? a friend of mine was a Herdsman from Yorkshire and gave all his cattle female names, often ladies he thought attractive and in the field there was a Demi, Angeline and Marilyn all grazing happily. And so I thought I would start with 'A' 

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