Sunday, 2 September 2012

Mist over Samoens

Mist over Samoens watercolour by Jane Ward

It's been a real mixed bag of weather since I last blogged, swirling mist in the valleys, beautiful to paint and gaze at, but not cycling weather.

Not lasting all day brief spells of hot sunshine.

Cobalt Blue skies trying to get out amid swirling mist, dramatic waterfalls plunging down endless depths, and fresh snow for picture postcard views ready to be painted.

And then to a 'Stag do' and thankfully not a real stag, I'm sure it wasn't!!

And here is Chalet 365 waiting for it's artists for a week of real Alpine beauty waiting to be discovered.

1 comment:

Sharon Whitley said...

Beautiful misty painting - just about to start a painting of Ill Bell for a friend and not quite sure how to go about it - will just see where the brush takes me lol!!!