Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Col de Faucille

My Intrepid Artists didn't get to see Mont Blanc, it stayed moody and elusive. I did get close. Cycling up Col de la Faucille I was promised a view that John Ruskin stated was magnificent, one hundred miles of Alps with  Mont Blanc towering high above Lake Geneva. So with this in mind the peddling begun, and it was easier than mighty Alpe d'Huez! 

Nearly at the top and a blue glaze softened the majestic view.
 The view is argued to be better than the Col de la Plaine but I'm not sure!

Mont Blanc in the distance from the top of Col de Faucille our 8th Tour de France pass

A brief hello from Mont Blanc after a cold night in Chamonix

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Rui said...

Hi Jane,

WOW it looks freezing from here. No worries winter is also on its way here in UK.

Kind regards,