Friday, 14 September 2012

Alpe d' huez and it's 21 hairpins

The Seventh pass and what a devil it was. The famous Alpe d' huez with its 21 hair pin  bends all the way to the top. Many people think this is an easier cycle up than Col Jour Plane, but I disagree. I know it was a warmer day and without much shade, it was pretty gruelling. Counting the hairpins along the way, did seem to help but at hairpin 13 I did think why not just go down. But something inside does make you want to  conquer this wretched mountain pass. Maybe because I didn't find it pretty, not many Alpine pasture scenes on this one. Plenty of men in Lycra fighting their way to the top and then descending like crazy, dare I say 'idiots' But saying all of this I'm delighted to say I did make it to the top.

Taking a five minutes breather

Only six to go

Yes it's up there behind those buildings.

The top, now 21 hairpins down.I must be crazy.


Julie Ford Oliver said...

I am in AWE! You rock!

jane ward said...

Julie thanks loads for your comment, it made my day x