Thursday, 23 August 2012

Williamsburg Oil Paints

Rain clouds, Derwentwater

I was excited this week to try out some HandmadeWilliamsburg Oil paints. With names like Italian Ochre, Monserrat Orange and Fanchon and Pompeii Red and promising to be wonderful tantalising colours.Made from the most beautiful raw materials in the world. 
Well they has a lot to live up to and I certainly wasn't disappointed, they mixed subtly with a beautiful creamy texture, the colours seemed richer and less artificial than other Oils and blended so well.

I particularly loved Fanchon red a lovely bright red with a tiny hint of pink, a great mixer with different shades of blue and also yellow. I can see me using more of these super Oils.

I've been getting my equipment ready for Samoens watercolour course 
I say to everyone, try and keep materials light, I have three sketchbooks, two palettes of paint, around 10 extra colours, a full pack of Arches and many brushes, now what more can I squeeze in!

Keep watching for some Alpine paintings from Samoens

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