Monday, 13 August 2012

August watercolour weather

Walking down to the shores of Derwentwater from the Dalegarth Hotel, a field full of wild flowers caught my inspiring eye!A sky full of  Indigo with Ochre warm hues in a field full of wild flowers. You can see that the Colbalt blue skies that I had hoped for were not really evident today. The first location for our four day painting course was on a fairly windy lakeshore. Watching sails at great speeds fly by and artists applying masking tape to keep the paper from flapping about. Silence fell and with it concentration was high. A quick tonal sketch helped to loosen up, followed by a quick demonstration.

Rain approaching fast. 
Perfect August English weather.

'Old posts at Portinscale'
A quick demo colour wash, applied in a threatening storm of gale force winds.
Fingers crossed for sunshine tomorrow and less windy gales please.

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