Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A Spare Bike in Samoens

Here we are in beautiful Samoens, writing this in the sunshine, breakfast on the terrace, now I could get used to this lifestyle.We had an eventful journey down, stuck on the M25 for well over an hour, which made us late for the Eurotunnel, which was then delayed four hours. Quiet roads down through France until a busy section near Troyes when half a parasol steel tube flew off the car in front and pierced our bumper, thank goodness it didn't go anywhere else. So now the poor van has a piercing.
Before my painting holiday starts next week we are going to have a good old look about for some suitable locations. But really the scenery is wonderful round every corner.It's a real Alpine delight.

Criou is the mountain that overlooks Samoens and chalet 365 where we will be based for the week

Just some of the flower decked Alpine buildings

A spare bike in Samoens town

The view from Chalet Anpie where we are staying this week. A beautiful apartment with all mod cons and a stunning terrace with views like this.


Σεβάχ ο Θαλασσινός said...

Wonderful photos Jane!

felicitydeverell said...

Beautiful! I look forward to seeing the paintings! :)

Julie Ford Oliver said...

I enjoyed the trip. Thanks for taking the time, Jane.

jane ward said...

Hey Thank you for leaving such lovely comments, I'm looking forward to sharing Samoens with you.