Monday, 30 July 2012

Three simple Pastel tips

 With a grey sky threatening I decided to have a go at a Sunset painting I had previously sketched of Ullswater. I taped and fastened down Fisher 400 pastel paper onto a board. I then applied primary colours of watercolours, which I then spayed with water to try and get some movement. I left this to dry flat and then started to apply pastels.

Stage 2 
Yellows, Oranges reds and a little Blue was laid into the sky, I then gently softened it with the palm of my  hand ( Tip number 1) With the sky starting to take shape, I painted some of the back mountains, I find doing this even though the sky is unfinished helps to make sense of the sky!! Are you still following!

Sunset Sail
Stage 3

Nearly finished, to paint the mountains tonally does help using the different number scales of Unison pastel (Tip number 2) I also once the correct tone  is applied  I then very lightly drag across the sky colours
 (Tip number 3) I find this helps to harmonise the sky and landscape.

Watercolours and Pastels at Grasmere
Monday 8th to Thursday 11th October 2012
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Ida M. Glazier said...

Wonderful--such great colors, yet its not false appearing at all. Really enjoying your blog here in Nevada, USA! been a follower for sometime. I love both watercolor and pastels--thanks!

jane ward said...

Hi Ida, Many thanks for your kind comments, I'm really pleased you enjoy the blog,I've never been to Nevada but imagine you have different weather conditions.