Sunday, 8 July 2012

Col de Peyresourde

Number three cycle ride which is now becoming a cycling holiday!  Col du Peysouade was a beautiful cycle ride we started from our base of Bagners de Luchon and made our way slowly might I add up the Col. This is one of the stages on the Tour de France this year and what a beautiful ride. Parts of it did remind me of the Lake District fells it's quite different to the French Alps but just as beautiful. Passing quaint old villages, chickens, Sheep with bells and fields and fields of wild flowers.

The last few hairpins to the top

Poppies have always inspired me and on this cycle ride they lined the route blowing softly in a warm breeze nearly all the way to the top. 

 Peyresourde Poppies 


Σεβάχ ο Θαλασσινός said...

Albsolutely beautiful landscape!
Have a nice day :)

Laura Moore said...

Gorgeous work done on your poppies. Laura x

jane ward said...

Many thanks for the comments, I did enjoy painting them and can't wait to do some more.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

My first thought was you had to crazy. You actually rode your bike up those switchbacks? Any walking at all?
Amazing you could produce a painting as beautiful as the poppies after all that work.Glad you took time to take these lovely photos too. I will do it the easy way... through your photos and paintings.

jane ward said...

Julie, I think your right, it was bit crazy and certainly hot and yes I rode all the way, with a few stops for gasps of air! But going slow did give me plenty of time to think about painting and enjoy the marvellous scenery and all the wild flowers.