Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The cheese man on Col d' Aubisque

I had to share this this with you today. The Tour de France rode the Col  Aubisque, Tourmalet, Aspin and Peyresoude. I sat and watched it on the sofa in the rainy Lakes and I can't believe I cycled three of those totally amazing passes. A friend asked me this week how I had got on and I replied' to be in that scenery,  got me up those passes' I hope your not getting bored with all this Tour de France chat and stories, because I've got another one for you.
The scene above is on one of the last stretches up to the Aubisque. You've cycled nearly 2,000 metres up, with towering peaks above, a tiny strip of road saving you from the depths of a sheer drop hanging below. In front, you can see a little hut, perched on the edge of the plateaux. Getting closer you see a tall man stood proudly, with a black beret and  a swish moustache. The door is open, and  getting closer you see the cheese that this local farmer is selling. For me memories like this are priceless. If you look closly you might just make out 'The Cheese man'

Painted in pastels
Size 24 x 24 inches 

Been inspired by the tour helped me finish ' Ullswater pastel, I've really enjoyed getting the pastels back in action. So now all it needs is a good home

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