Thursday, 14 June 2012

Still Waters inspired by the Bee Gees

Tarn Hows stage one

Tarn Hows as you've never seen before, it could be on fire!
I'm trying some new ideas with the Oils, as you can see I'm not in a Green mood!
Applied quite thickly Red and Yellow Acrylic to a 24inch square canvas board.

Stage two
Painting an Acrylic under base is ideal I find, for then applying Oils on top, I like the feel of the board to paint on, the Oil paint seems to move about better. Maybe because I'm used to the watercolours moving I find this easier to handle. Indian yellow and Winsor Blue and Red were the only colours used. 

Day Two stage three
I was quite excited about figuring how where this painting was going!
I painted more light into the trees, but the previous days paint was still fairly wet, so it didn't go quite has planned. So I write this blog and wait for paint to dry just a little.
I'll keep you posted on how it behaves!

P.s I quite like the first stage and wonder if I'm going a little crazy? Wonder if it's the BeeGees Album I'm listening to while painting, could it be a 'Tragedy', or maybe my 'Spirits have flown' or maybe it's my 'emotion'

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