Tuesday, 12 June 2012

e- Watercolour Painting

When I first had the idea about an Online watercolour course, some people thought I was a little crazy!
Some asked 'what is it all about?' Well it's learning watercolour in your own time, some students work fast some slow. One common problem can be not knowing what to paint, or how to paint it!  With each project and there are six in each course, you get a rough outline sketch, a colour tag and step by step showing each stage, what equipment and colours are used  in each painting. So now you are ready to start, take your time, enjoy the painting and  learn some new techniques. Then take a photo of your painting and send it back by email for some friendly guidance and a few more tips. I'm always delighted to see the paintings come back and it's fantastic how many people can paint a beautiful picture.

 If you fancy joining my e-painting as one artist calls it, here are Three of the paintings from Course One.

Online Watercolour course six projects £65.00

www.watercolourcourse.co.uk for more information.

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