Monday, 18 June 2012

Favourite Watercolour brushes

The Hake in use on my Online watercolour course

I'm often asked about which brushes I use.
For watercolour painting I have only a few favourites, I prefer to buy a couple of really good brushes and just use these instead of hundreds of different size, bristle and shapes that promise the perfect tree shape.
 Rosemary and Co make great Kolinsky sable riggers I have a number 12, 8 and a  number 4. Many people don't realise that you can get a number 12  rigger. I find them wonderful for painting tree foliage, scree and just about anything that needs any detail. My other favourite brush is a 'Hake' these cheap brushes last for years and are excellent for starting a painting and also if you need to glaze completely over a painting without removing dried paint.
My Online course goes into more detail about brushes and how to use them to your benefit for painting successful pictures.

In each course there are Six projects each with a sketch, colour tag, material list and easy step by step instructions and photographs with feedback on each project the cost of the course is £45.00

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