Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Painting with an art group

Autumn Morning, Derwentwater

I had a great day with the Mungisdale art group yesterday. We worked through a step by step of the painting above, what's exciting to see is the different styles and interpretation of every ones work. I also gave a brief talk about opaque and transparent colours, I feel it makes a difference to understanding the magical watercolour medium. In 'Autumn Morning' we only used mainly primary transparent colours which enabled us to give many washes and glazes without creating muddy colours. Creating a cool and warm palette can also help when painting distance, using Cobalt Blue helped to portray distant fells. Knowing how watercolours react and what they can achieve I feel helps enormously with positive painting.

I have one place left on Watercolour weekend for beginners Saturday 18th and 19th February if you would like more information email lakelandart@hotmail.co.uk

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bluoso said...

Ciao Jane, splendido per freschezza e vivacità il tuo lavoro e le osservazioni che scrivi sono molto preziose. Buon fine settimana. Luigi.