Thursday, 19 January 2012

Fabriano Hot pressed and Daniel Smith watercolours

Apples 1
Apples was the subject for my Wednesday monthly class. A real change from landscapes and quite challenging but above all fun. Fabriano hot pressed watercolour paper was used, I must say I was pleased with how it reacted to the intense watercolours, Daniel Smith Gamboge also came up trumps, I only have a few shades of these gorgeous watercolours but will certainly be adding to them in the future. Apples 1  was painted quickly as a practise run. Then Apples (2) I demonstrated to the class on Wednesday morning. Everyone had brought some fruit in and the results were excellent. I think it's a  good idea to set up a still life, when the weather is not suitable for outdoor painting or you just need something different to paint. We all get caught up in our safety blankets and sometimes trying something new opens doors to new creativity.

Apples 2

The sunset on Wednesday over Keswick certainly caught my attention, I wonder what shades to use, maybe Naples yellow, blending into gamboge a touch of permanent rose and which blue? Maybe Pthalo or even Ultramarine!

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you liked the Fabriano-a great paper
The apples are so well painted-fresh and alive