Monday, 24 January 2011

Watercolour Holidays in Italy

The view from Cacciatore, Sulzano.
What is the Cacciatore? It's a wonderful Trattoria above Sulzano, for the non speaking Italians it means 'The Hunter' so it's not really a place for the vegetarian, but I'm sure the wonderful Stella could russle something tasty. So let me tell you about this photo, well it was taken by Jan one of the artists on the course. We walked slowly up the small hill after having breakfast at the Rivalago. Which is set on the most beautiful bays on Lake Iseo. Reaching the gateway with paints, paper and cameras at the ready and small gasps I'm not sure if it was the view or the walk. A wonderful morning of quiet sketching, contemplating and just soaking up this magical place was followed by a rustic bowl of homemade pasta parcels filled with delicious cheeses, bread, salad and to wash it down a crisp cool glass of prosecco. We sat under the shaded gazebo and painted under the warm afternoon sun until it was time to head back down towards the inviting warm lake.
If you fancy joining me this year in August at the Rivalago and sampling the wonderful atmosphere just get in touch at All abilities are welcome and there is plenty for the non painting to spend his or her time.

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