Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Off Piste skiing in Chamonix

After two days of bad weather we ventured up the mountain for a spot of skiing. A few days ago it was all sheet ice and a clacking noise that made the heart race. While today I had my first foray off the piste on powdery deep snow, where the skis disapeared and I just had to keep going, again with a pumping heart but silence.

 Mighty Aguille di Midi the highest cable car in the world, if you look closely you can see the man made viewing platform on the top. I've been up quite a few times in the past and it is certainly a white knuckle ride!
A quick sketch, while watching the mist open up and reveal snow capped mountains, rising sharply and never ending into a Cobalt blue sky. The trouble was everytime I looked up from the paper, the view was changing before my eyes. I realised this would make an exciting proposal on a large canvas. 

It started with just the barn and a few trees and then the curtains opened and the performance began.

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