Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The first outdoor Sketch of 2011

After this morning's class I felt I just I had to go and have a look at what we had been painting, also the sun was shinning with a Spring feel everywhere.

I had my sketchbook packed just in case, and wondered what would catch my eye? Light on the rocks and beautiful coloured ripples at Calfe Close Bay. The 1st outdoor sketch of 2011, and what a pleasure, with the sun shinning, but the watercolour did take a while to dry. You really can't beat sketching outdoors, and Derwentwater has so many painting opportunities. Why not come on a Lakeland Art course and try it out?

The evidence just a quick scribble

Stable Hills, Derwentwater by Jane Ward
This morning demonstration, Spring Greens mixed with Lemon Yellow and Winsor Blue, hints of Burnt Sienna in the sky.

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Kay said...

very sweet painting!