Thursday, 21 October 2010

Loughrigg Tarn

Another sunny beautiful day here in Lakeland, it's one of those classic days that shouts at you to 'get onto those fells'. Had a lovely morning with my monthly Keswick class the subject was mist in watercolours and everyone brought in some reference to work off. Isn't it funny sometimes that you are inspired by others reference and not your own! Why is this! But with the sun blazing at lunchtime we packed a sandwich and headed to Loughrigg Tarn, I've been asked to paint the view from here. It's a very special place is this tarn, and it was pure perfect today. The light on the Langdales was in the right place to show off those distinct shapes, the trees had a good amount of foliage with great negative space and not too green. Lily leaves were floating majestically in the Deep blue water. It was great doing a quick sketch  but I was pleased I had two coats on!! It was a real cold breeze, the pains you go through for art! I was so engrossed in the sketching I didn't see what was happening behind me I did wonder what the chewing noise was, so got a bit of a startle when I looked behind!!
And this is an artist who might go on a long detour instead of walking through a field of cows

The photo doesn't do this lovely tarn justice

It was quite a friendly cow!  Nige was brought up on a farm so is not the chicken that I am

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