Saturday, 9 October 2010

A job for life.

Back in Sunny Keswick and we have been threatened with a mini heatwave today. Here's a few photo's from France that I couldn't post last week.
It was fun cycling through the busy streets, we did get a few strange looks but that all changed when the 'Mini Moke Club' came into the town resplendent in all colours and with owners to match.

 One way to earn your living, Looks good to me!

 One of the great things about the trip was looking up at the brilliant blue sky. Everyday.

 A 5 hour walk in the Esterel Massif to 'Squirrel Lake' when we got there it had dried up!  
The view from the campervan  at Menton

I was really impressed with this bustling town, and with high mountains and tiny villages perched high all in the vicinity it's a place worth exploring.

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Ralph said...

Wonderful pictures while you were away enjoying this I was enjoying the marvellous rain at Coniston. Thank you.