Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Evening glow, Newlands Valley

The weather is changing in Lakeland, gloves and warm jackets were needed today, I can't believe only last week I was painting outside in Keswick with no jacket needed.But the light is so clear, you can see for miles and the colours are just beautiful. After a day of inside work, what better place than an stroll to the Lake edge. I love this time of day, the last ferry or 'Launch' as local people call it was 'docking in' with a small collection of  Autumn walkers. A rowing boat, out for hire, came in with a family well wrapped up against the cold wind and two dogs looking like they were ready to dive in to the cold water any moment. But best of all is the warm light that glows behind Catbells and brings to life Newlands valley, while the rest of the fells are all in shadow.

Nice reflections on the Canadian Geese.

Skiddaw looking dark and threatening behind Crow Park


Franz said...

Bellissimo questo posto,da un senso di pace e serenità!
La fotografia con la barca in primo piano sarebbe un bel quadro da dipingere.


jane ward said...

For my non speaking Italians I will try and translate!
This place is very beautiful, a sense of peace and serenity!
The photo with the boat in the foreground would be a beautiful picture to paint.
Thank you Franz I agree