Thursday, 28 January 2010

Tales of Stonethwaite

Stonethwaite in Borrowdale nestling under Eagle Crag. I love painting in this tiny hamlet, it's a buzz of activity in this sleepy little place. A friend of mine was brought up here and her Mum has the tiny post office which she runs from her kitchen. Whenever I take Students in Summer painting here we stop for a break in the tiny tea room. Sitting opposite each other with steamy mugs of coffee and a thick slab of Flapjack it only holds about 8 people, there's a bookshelf selling books for 50p which you can't help but browse through and usually come away with a book or two! For more tales of Stonethwaite tune in tomorrow.

Stonethwaite Watercolour by Jane Ward
 This is one of the Online Watercolour course projects, it has everything to tempt the budding artist, mountains, trees, buildings and even a little smoke from the chimney pot.

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Family Dog said...

This is a wonderful painting, but I like all of your work.