Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A little bird told me.....................................

A little Bird told me that the weather in the Uk is the same as this! Maybe I did'nt need to take the ski's to the Alps could have gone up Latrigg or Walla Crag.

But Latrigg does'nt at the moment have a cute little log cabin selling Hot Chocolate.

And the views even though inspiring are not quite Mont Blanc! But big But this is the 1st time we've seen the mighty peak show it's face in sunshine.

Now a skiing holiday is good relaxing break for the hard working artist,
 it makes you think of nothing else but staying alive and where to plant the retched poles, today after many years of skiing I realise I've been planting them in the wrong place, this was brought to light down a nasty black run needless to say where I ended up! But at least it's was a soft landing.

Here is the car crying out for help before it was dug out.Without the aid of a bread board!

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