Monday, 11 January 2010

Frozen Lake

Coming back to the Lakes, I caught up on the local gossip, which was' Have you heard that the Lakes frozen?' So had a walk down yesterday and was totally shocked, it was a surreal moment, seeing just a vast flat plateau, this is what a mini ice age may look like. But what amazed me most was the amount of families walking on the ice in the middle of the lake! Call me boring, unadventurous but I couldn't walk in the middle of the lake on ice!

I did wonder how my friends from the Island made it backwards and forwards. Pleased to see they channelled a small passage back to the island.For a small rowing boat to get through.

Looking towards the Jaws of Borrowdale 4 miles of frozen lake. Unbelievable, I've never seen this before


our shabby cottage said...

That is incredible Jane! WOW!

Dave from Keswick said...

Glad the both of you managed to get back safe and sound from your hols.
We were both supprised at the number of people walking on the ice with small kids, dogs and pushchairs. This is after all the warnings from the police and mountain rescue. Some people eh?

Great photos Jane.