Monday, 21 December 2009

Raw Sienna Sheep

Winter wonderland, this is a pretty Church near Ripon in North Yorkshire, I had to depend just on the camera today in a moving car.Supposed to go to Yorkshire on Sunday but didn't risk it so, but with the sun shinning we quickly grabbed pressie's and went for it today. Driving over the A66 was fabulous a painting everywhere you looked, the roads were clear it was a joy to see all the crisp white fields with grazing Raw Sienna Sheep, Shetland Ponies and even the odd Ostrich!

As you can see I'm still suffering from the Christmas bug
More symptoms are
Having the ability to fuse at least one set of Christmas lights.
Waving at old men dressed in red.
Finding yourself in M&S food department with a  basket of goodies!!

'All alone' 2

The only painting done this week!

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lana said...

What a great way to wish Christmas greetings.
Only a painter could think of this.