Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Exercise and painting are good for you!

Decided to go on the bike today, After having a sleepless night, managed to drag myself with paints and paper to Tuesday Painting group. Not sure I've mentioned this group, but think I have it's a fairly professional group of artists that meet in winter, nice and friendly with lots of encouragement and fun chat. But today I sat with my coffee and decided it wasn't happening, but ploughed on till just after lunch. Made excuses and came home early. So what do I do next? felt like jumping back in bed but with only another 2 hours of daylight left did not want to waste it. So jumped on the bike instead and went for a ride down the disused railway line. It's amazing how exercise can clear the mind and re focus. So on returning gave the painting a sideways glance and decided it maybe looked quite good!!

Came across this photo when I was down loading the sheep! It's a birthday photo when I was in Italy

'Smile ladies' I did shout this!

Now this is a strange looking sheep

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