Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Christmas Bug

Seem to have the Christmas bug, symptoms are
: Eat chocolate and mince pies anytime of the day.
: Want to wear Red or something sparkly
: Happy to watch a soppy film or even James Bond.
: Need to clean the house doing stupid jobs I never think of for the rest of the year.
: Also watch out for sudden tears, be it listening to children singing carols, or even silly Christmas songs.
Running round like a headless Robin trying to finish lots of jobs, it's taken two weeks to paint 'Sharp Edge'  the watercolour above.
Oh and spending money like it's going out of fashion.

It only last's one day but symptoms seem to start at least 2 weeks before.
No known cure.


The Straggler said...


Top work Jane, it looks fantastic

our shabby cottage said...

Yes, it seems to be a world wide affliction. We all have it here too! Wonderful work too Jane.

Dave from Keswick said...

Dont think I've seen Sharp Edge looking so great, well done Jane.

Remember ...

It'll soon be January .... then it'll start all over again!