Monday, 26 October 2009

Sketching walks around Keswick

Derwent Island perfect colours for an Autumn painting.

After grey skies and low cloud over the weekend it was great waking up to Blue skies and sunshine.What a joy! walking down to the lake with rucksack packed with paints and camera and no coat! It is an easy walk down to Calfe Close bay along the Lakeside and back along the Borrowdale Road walking along a tree lined bridleway and then up into Castlehead wood.

I love this little bay, with Stable hills cottage acting as a great little focal point.

I settled myself down at Calfe close bay for a quick sketch of Catbells with the Millennium stones in the foreground.

This is what inspired the sketch above and it was where I saw the Otter one day, but not today.

Fantastic colours, beautiful light and a few shadows all thrown in, I fancy having a go at this tomorrow.

This is the fourth Ashness Bridge in, I think 2 weeks.
It's also one of my online course projects so if you fancy having a go check out

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