Friday, 9 October 2009

Proud as punch!

Autumn Walk painted in Acrylics
It's been an hectic week getting ready for my exhibition, a watercolour workshop on Wednesday and trying in vain to paint 'Ashness bridge' 3 times!! Once I'd started couldn't stop even though I kept thinking it's not going to plan!! But then today we got the exhibition up and organised which looks great seeing all your paintings together and framed up is a proud moment.I then heard that my article was also out in this months 'Leisure painter' and guess what !!! I'm on the front cover proud as punch!! Here's a link to the magazine

p.s I will put Ashness bridge photo's on tomorrow

1 comment:

d40 said...

Well done Jane, a great exhibition At long last, someone has nominated one of your paintings for all to see on a front cover.
I Enjoyed looking at your paintings ( very inspirational ) and course I enjoyed our chat.

Hope you sell even more paintings during your exhibtion.