Monday, 5 October 2009

Ashness bridge painting.

Beautiful day in the Lakes, the light is just magical with a slight chill in the air. Couldn't resist nipping up to Ashness bridge, I painted it last week but had a look at the finished painting today and thought I could do better. So I'm on with the 2nd Ashness Bridge this time on full imperial size, its going well up to now! Walking back from the bridge I had a quick look over the Lake, obviously to check it was still there!
I might put a little more water in the beck,I like the light in the grassy verge, and the bracken catching the sun.
It was and what a view, I do believe that Borrowdale is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Lakes. I made my 1st 'Tattie pot' today, this is a proper Cumbrian dish using Lamb, Black pudding, turnips, carrots and sliced potato on the top and cooked in the oven for ages.


Fábio Cembranelli said...

Hi Jane, what a beautiful blog. Nice shots and great paintings!

jane ward said...

Hey Thanks Fabio for the comment ,love your work too.