Saturday, 27 June 2009

Painting archways

This was one of the painting locations in Iseo a quiet alleyway leading into a small pretty square, what caught my eye was the Italian Flag and the arch ways, but after an hour of sketching I realised that the archways were quite a tricky subject!!! There was a cafe at the bottom and the chef kept popping out to either speak on the phone ' pronto, pronto' he kept shouting or having a cigarette in a very Italian fashion. People on cycles kept dodging round us, a little boy wanted his red four wheeler cycle putting in the picture. For lunch a piece of Margaretta pizza from the bakery round the corner. Afternoon chatter from the hairdressers, a husband and wife having a heated discussion all drifted down to us from open balconies, but the funniest was when a chap opened his balcony and dropped his cigarette tray nearly on our masterpieces! It could only happen in Italy.

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