Friday, 5 June 2009

Derwent Island Watercolour Weekend

Thought I would have a go at this little watercolour before tomorrow. Saturday and Sunday I'm spending the days on Derwent Island painting in watercolours with a small group.This is a painting from Derwentwater shore looking towards the boathouse on this fantastic gem of an Island. It must be the third year that I have taken a small group of artists over to this unique Island we have the full run of the garden and if the weather is nasty painting inside the garden room and also the fabulous drawing room with floor to ceiling views of Catbells, Derwentwater and into the Newlands valley. Can you tell by this blog I'm a Little excited!!! I wasn't sure how the painting above was going to turn out? I ordered this week some new watercolours, paper and a couple of new brushes getting ready for my Italy trip one of the colours was Brown Madder. Not a colour I usually use but thought I would give it a try been that it's translucent. This was painted with Naples yellow, Indian Yellow, Cobalt and Ultramarine and Brown Madder. Quite liked the purple and greys that it made. One last thing before I go for a run. I was about to put the last wash down in the front of the lake, had it mixed up stirred it for a while decided where it was going, started to paint the front bit, the phone went!!! Carried on quickly laying it down oh I'm going to have to get the phone, finished it in a matter of 5 rings just before the answering machine kicked into action. Came back after the call expecting cauliflowers growing out of the lake! But no it had worked.

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