Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Lake Iseo

Well here I am in the wonderful Italian Lakes, beautiful sunshine and a very warm 30 degrees, the photo above is of Sulzano port one of the prettiest villages around the lake. We decided to cycle round it, with it been a mere 46 miles, it is mainly flat so not too hard she says !!! and with plenty of stopping off points for coffee, soft drinks and panni's. Sulzano is one of my favourite places and cycling in to the old village also called bay of flowers the smell of roses was intoxicating. Next came the old road from Marone to Lovere and with no cars it was much safer, until I was gazing into the lake watching a Grebe suddenly a chap coming the other way on a racing bike nearly collided with me It was my fault for not looking, it could have been very nasty!!! One of the joys of always looking at scenery!
On entering Lovere our next stop was Riva di Solito the pretty village above.

See again Sulzano port for some reason it came up twice!

Mont Isola, the biggest European Island in a Lake, watch out next week for more Island photo's and even paintings!


our shabby cottage said...

I am turning sooo green with envy Jane! It looks so beautiful. Have lots of fun (although I'm sure that won't be hard!)

jane ward said...

Hi Kathryn, just to make you a paler shade of green I am camping for 5 days, but the view from the tent is lovely!