Monday, 13 February 2017

Lakeland oil demonstration

A Wednesday morning Demonstration in Keswick.
We started with a toned  yellow canvas, sat on the easel.
Portrait was decided.
Colours were kept to mainly primary
Ultramarine Blue, Crimson Alizaron, Winsor Yellow and white.
Some of my fellow artists were new to Oil paints, 
so a limited palette is much easier when beginning.

I applied a very small amount of Liquid Clear.
I don't always use this medium, but for the approach in this demo it would be ideal.

Ultramarine and Crimzon  was applied loosely into the sky.
Soft Yellow and White blended together to form atmospheric clouds in the sky.
These were all softened together with a large brush.
The class enjoyed this section and quoted 'it was quite a workout' on a cold Winter morning.

With a base of a sky painted giving a tonal range, mountains 
in the distant Borrowdale valley were then  applied.

Reflections and similar shades used in the sky were painted into the lake, 
softening with a large flat brush.
A few ripples are added in the foreground 
at the end of this very enjoyable Demonstration.

Fancy learning English watercolours with my online course with personal feedback and helpful hints on all projects. 

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