Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Painting an Italian lake with Watercolours

You arrive by boat, to the small fishing village of Sensole. Find a shady spot under the Olive tree but close enough to the Lake edge. Silhouetted misty turquoise trees in the distance, a few Villa’s some with warm terracotta and Yellow Ochre walls, a few glistening white with shadows of cool Blues. 

Olive Trees and  Poplars, easy to paint fill the landscape down to the lake edge. A few Geraniums add splashes of Red to compliment the Green foliage. The Lake totally different to an English lake seems more opaque with shades of light Turquoise to dark Emeralds and flashes of reflections from the above landscape. With Cerulean Blue stripped posts placed strategically  to help lead the eye into the scene. 

If you would like to learn how I painted the scene above to the one below with watercolours. 

I've wrote a step by step tutorial that you can download through Etsy

Sensole. Lake Iseo

Painted in Watercolours

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