Saturday, 9 July 2016

Foxgloves in watercolour demonstration

 Each new month brings a flower that I feel I must paint. Snowdrops started in February, March embraced Golden  Daffodils, Tulips and Iris  jostled for attention in April and of course Bluebells filled all of May. June is the month of Foxgloves and slightly overlapping into July. Simply because they are still out in bloom, swaying gently on the Lakeland fells.

Saunders Waterford Not 200lbs
Opera Rose
Permanent Rose
Cobalt Turquoise
Winsor Blue
Winsor Yellow
Masking Fluid

I started with an outline sketch and added Masking fluid to preserve the white of the paper for highlights on the flowers.
The paper was  dampened softly around the Foxgloves. Using a pale tonal value of Opera Rose the perfect shade for Foxgloves, Stronger tones are added for the Flower heads. Clean water was dropped into the centre of the flowers to create more depth.
Cobalt Turquoise added softly around the flowers for foliage is left to merge softly into the background.

By painting the negative shapes around the foxgloves with Strong tonal values, the flowers will emerge magically. Winsor Blue and Permanent Rose mixed together create a wonderful strong tone, adding Cobalt Turquoise will vary the shades. Permanent Rose was used to shape the inside of the trumpet flower.

The flowers are beginning to take shape by painting the background. Winsor Yellow with a touch of Winsor Blue mixes to a variety of shades of transparent Green ideal for leaves and foliage. Learning to paint  negative shapes for leaves produces lighter tonal values and a softer approach.

Foxgloves in watercolour

Final stage : Masking fluid was removed when the paint was dry to reveal highlights. Splashes and splatters can be added for the inside of the flowers and help to bring life and texture to the painting. Some areas are left soft and not detailed this helps to give the painting a restful feel.

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