Friday, 6 May 2016

The secret of Green

Lantys Tarn showing Orange underpainting.

I've often struggled with Green landscapes, I've even gone as far as only painting Winter scenes or Months which have the letter R in them!! That's got you thinking. September to April.

 When gorgeous Summer days come, you do want to walk amongst a meadow full of flowers  or sit beside a tranquil lake underneath a tree full of Green foliage and let inspiration run wild. 
My Greens were either too acid, too bright or maybe it was Fear of Green.

Lantys Tarn was tackled in a positive mindset and in the month of May with no R!!
Firstly I applied an Orange watercolour wash onto white Pastelmat and then let it dry.
Touches of warm Orange help to warm the painting, harmonise and stop the Green Fear.
I also was aware of  Green tonal values. 
I can now say ' Bring on Summer and those Green fields and lots of Happy outdoor painting.

Lantys Tarn.
Painted in Pastels.

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