Thursday, 26 May 2016

Finding inspiration with a Blank canvas

 Blank Canvas by Jane Ward

I sit here, and type.
Finding insignificant ideas,
Useless and trival at times.
Staring at White,  
Empty and lost.
Wanting above all to fulfil the blank
With colour and Joy

I think it's the weather,
Another excuse.
Time of the month,
Position of the Moon,
Change of the season.
I cannot decide
Another cup of coffee

Ideas on the Web, 
Paintings from old Masters
I'm starting to feel colour 
flooding through.
Yellows and Golds
Mauve and Pinks
Now where is the Blank canvas that needs a story to be told.

I'm sure all artists feel this at some time, not knowing what to paint, 
knowing that you do want to paint, it's just a little push in the right direction.

And so with this in mind I will retreat to my room of art and report back tomorrow x

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