Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The view from Latrigg

You don't need to walk many miles or feet to get a stunning view in the Lake District. I walked up Spooney Lane, along the delightful path, through the Woods passing sweet smelling bright Yellow Gorse. The path then opens up onto the fell and circles it's way to the top, you will see the bench sitting proudly on top waiting for passers by to admire the view. 

The bench was free when we walked up, but boy was it a strong wild wind. 
But sitting hunched against the cold, watching the clouds lift and raise over the Catbells range.
Is a wonderful uplifting experience. 

Walking back down the track, a shaft of light  broke through, catching the fields and ridges of the pretty Newlands valley.

With all this in mind. I quickly washed some watercolours over Pastelmat paper, applied pastels.
But something wasn't happening. A brave move was needed. Make or break!
A wash of water over the pastels, gave some interesting marks and more of a feeling to the painting.
A few more thought provoking bright pastel marks were added over the next couple of days.
I'm much happier with the outcome, it reflects more of what I felt when walking down the track from Latrigg.

Newlands from Latrigg painted in Pastels

Will be on show at my Spotlight Exhibition at the Viridian Gallery in Keswick 
from 22nd April to 7th June 2016

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