Tuesday, 1 March 2016

A sketch from Hallin Fell.

A quick sketch, perched on the edge of Hallin Fell on a cold yet not windy February day.

My trusty Wainwright guide told me the height  of this little fell was 1271 ft.
A beautiful steep little walk from the car park at Martindale Church takes you to a birdseye view over Ullswater, I thought that this is what I would sketch, as I made my way to the top. I admired Striding Edge in the distance, covered in snow, but the light today was fairly flat, so didn't feel the need to go exploring higher. The view down Ullswater is extensive and quite a drop.
What did catch my inspirational eye today, the views down into intimate Martindale with rolling fells turning to grassy fields and a few lonely farms dotted along the valley bottom.

With just a brush, pencil and small watercolour palette, I quickly captured a few lines to get to know this pretty valley. Hot Chocolate kept me warm and a wooly hat, two necessary equipments for the outdoor artist.

I made my way down the fell and spied some cute Herdies in a field. These native Cumbrian Sheep the hardiest of all, look to have such a soft nature, especially when photographed.

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