Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Dramatic mountain scenery in pastels

I love been  high on the fells, and on the top of Helvellyn on a sunny February day is close to perfect. After walking / scrambling to the top the views were awesome, with a painting in every direction. The light was stunning with mauve and liliac shadows and soft peach on sunlight snow as far as the eye could see. How marvellous a thing it is to be an artist. We see something inspiring and then spend many happy hours reliving and creating  the experience.

Stage two

Stage three 

Stage four

I feel like I have climbed the mountain painting this scene. It's nearly finished and been simular to a good book you can't put down and don't quite want to finish.

If you fancy pastel painting, my Online pastel course is available to do anywhere in the world.
The course contains  six projects and personal feedback with extra painting tips on each project.

Striding Edge, Helvellyn
 Painted in Pastels 

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