Monday, 27 April 2015

Step by step Bluebell wood oil painting

 Stage One

I thought I would share the Oil painting I'm working on at the moment. You won't be able to recognise a Bluebell wood from the 1st stage! Weak transparent primary colours were added and left to dry.

Stage Two
I have a bit of a addiction to masking tape, it all started when I watched a programme about Matisse. He often would tear strips of masking tape to help negative shapes appear in paintings. I also wanted to keep the transparent colours in the tree trunks while I happily applied the foliage behind.

Stage Three.
A mass of Bluebells are starting to grow! We still have a species of Rainbow trees often seen in the Borrowdale Valley. I'm using the gorgeous range of Williamsburg Oils that are a total joy to mix with.

Stage four
I'm stuck!! I'm at the point where I need to find my way and pull the painting together, probably with more light, detail in the foreground, but not overworking. We must remember that it is a painting and not a photograph!
I do find standing back helps, even looking at the painting on a pc screen!
I've just received a lovely email from an Online student
 I have just completed the snow painting which I really enjoyed.. I am absolutely delighted at your critiques and it has helped me to grow in confidence. Many thanks

I got the idea of the critiques, after reading John Ruskin's 'The elements of drawing' with interesting notes and explanations to help students through the process of drawing and painting. He started with students drawing a box and then shading it, this was done for a few weeks!
The online watercolour course does have a little more interest than a box and many watercolour techniques and colour mixing ideas are put into practise over the six project course. The feedback is  positive, and sometimes getting an idea on how to change or improve a painting can be really useful, especially when you get stuck!!
If you would like to sign up for the Online watercolour course
just send me an for more details or
 you can see more information at
I'll keep you posted on the Bluebells

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