Friday, 24 April 2015

Gaining inspiration for painting ideas

I find no better way to get the inspiration flowing, than to get out into the Countryside.
Cycling down the quiet lanes, looking over the walls and hedges passing by, noting for reference ideal painting locations. I always try and have the camera within reach to capture special little shots of time going by. It's great for the mind too, good fitness and you can cover more distance and see more inspiration.
The Lambs at the moment are a pure delight and I like the negative spaces between the Sheep, the row of old cottages and the fells in the distance.

Looking either way and across to the Sharrow Bay Hotel, a super place for Afternoon tea

A Windy road next to the lakeshore with wildflowers coming into bloom. 


Washing out at the Old Farm

I'm not sure why this glimpse of a track inspired me? I think it was the light, shadows, a tunnel of trees or just a path to nowhere!


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