Sunday, 31 August 2014

Ten tips to paint a Bluebell Wood in Watercolours

How to paint a Bluebell Wood in Watercolours

Top ten tips
1. Use Not or Rough watercolour paper, ideal with a little more texture.
2.Test colour mixing before on a scrap piece of paper.
3.  Create many different Tonal values with different amounts of water.
4. Cobalt Blue and Ultramarine Blue mixed with Permanent Rose give a great Bluebell color.
5. Have a few good photographs and even a sketch to work from.
6. Try gently rubbing a little candle wax over the paper to create sparkle.
7.Paint some complementary colours in the scene, this will make the scene sing!
8. Take a walk through a wood and note the colours and shapes of trees.
9. Add a little Gouache for lighter Bluebells. 
And Number ten let the scene evolve naturally with the watercolours. for more details

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